Rental Apartments in Gaur City 11th Avenue

So you have just moved to Noida & Greater Noida and are looking to rent a home for the first time? If you want to become a first-time renter on a strong footing, there are certain things you should know. Be realistic, It is advisable to get a place you can comfortably afford. Ideally, the rent should not be more than 30% of your income. There are other necessary expenses that you also need to consider apart from the rent such as food, clothing, transportation, electricity and more. Prove to pay rent, Since it is your first time to rent, you don’t have a rental history for the landlord to consider. Some landlords are willing to overlook this factor as long as you can provide proof of employment. This is to prove that your income can cover the rent. Gaur The Islands Price List / Gaur Mulberry Mansions Price List / Gaur city 1st Avenue Price List / Gaur city 11th Avenue Price List

Is it right for you? When searching for an apartment, make sure the layout and amenities suit your needs and lifestyle. For instance, if you are not comfortable with the stairs/lift, consider an apartment on the ground level. Also, if you are disabled, you should make sure the features can accommodate your condition. Be careful with the lease, It is important to read and understand the lease before you sign it. If you have a pet, make sure it is not prohibited and if you are a smoker, be certain it is allowed. On the other hand, if you are allergic to pets and smoke, make sure the place prohibits them. In addition, if you are going to have a roommate, make sure they are included in the lease so that in case of anything, you don’t bear the burden alone.

Verify, You should have a checklist to examine all the items covered in the lease to ensure they are in good condition. Many first time renters overlook this but the damages are deducted from their security deposit when moving out. Location, Before choosing an apartment, make sure it is placed in an ideal location. For instance, it should be close to essential amenities such as banks, grocery stores, restaurants, metro etc. Gaur city 11th Avenue apartments at Noida & Greater Noida Creek Harbour will be a great choice for first-time renters. These projects are on-going but will be completed soon. Since most investors are buying them off-plan at affordable prices, the rent will also be friendly to first-time renters.

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