Buy Home in Gaur City 14th Avenue Necessary Checklist

For someone new to the world of house-hunting or trying to invest in property for the first time, it sure can get harrowing to think about the number of steps that you need to follow through to achieve home ownership. Owing to the rapid growth of cities in the NCR, Projects in Noida Extension are very lucrative. If you are looking to Buy Flat in Noida Extension, read our checklist to find out the documents that you will need to buy a house. Sale Deed, The most basic and crucial document is your sale or conveyance deed. A registered sale deed for the last 30 years of property ownership is the first document that you require. Title Search, The title search is required to retrieve the chain of documents that are related to the property, the description of the property, and names of titleholders. This step is crucially essential for getting a home loan. Gaur City 14th Avenue Price / Gaur Yamuna City Villas / Gaur City Center Price / Gaur city 11th avenue Price

NOC from the Government, A Non-Objection Certificate from the Government is necessary to make sure that there are no dues pending and also to make sure the property is not under demolition from the Government. Property Tax Receipts, You need a confirmation as to whether the previous owners have cleared the taxes on the property and there are no dues left. Hence, you need property tax receipts to Buy Flats in Greater Noida West. Sanctioned Building Plan, One of the most important documents is the Government’s sanction letter to the property for construction. This is also similar to an occupancy certificate as the municipal corporation gives it after the completion of construction. Allotment Letter, When you buy a property from a company, you need an allotment letter to show how much payment is impending on the property. This document also has all the necessary details about the property.

Loan, You need all the documents verified by your bank to be eligible for a home loan. Also, you need to make sure there is no outstanding loan on the property, as it might get difficult for you to be eligible for the credit. Khata Certificate, It is known by different names in different states but is solely an agreement for the registration of a new property. This certificate is also essential when you are applying for a home loan. Agreement to Sell, A signed agreement to sell, which is curated on a stamp paper ensures that the document is binding on both parties. Usually buyers with a lot of credibility like the Sports City Apartments in Noida Extension, you will be treated with mutual respect, and you will avail services of the best in the business.

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